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Fydor Dostoevsky

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"All of Europe's misfortune, all of it's ills, without exception, harken back to it's loss of Christ with the establishment of the Roman Church, after which they have decided that they could manage just as well without Christ."   Fydor Dostoevsky in 1870


If science is unable to provide for people's subsistence, and there is a shortage of space, people are going to throw their babies into latrines, or eat them. I won't be surprised if they do both, especially if science suggests it to them. When food becomes scarce and science becomes unable to provide for food and fuel, whereas the world's population continues to rise, it will become necessary to stop the further growth of population. Science says it isn't your fault nature has arranged things that way, and the instinct of self-preservation being first and foremost, it follows that babies must be burnt. That is the morality of science. So the burning of babies will become habitual. For all the moral principles in man are only relative if he must rely on nothing but his own strength.
Fydor Dostoevsky, The Notebooks of the Possessed

To me Fydor Dostoevsky is simply the best novelist of all time.  Not only a novelist but a Preacher of the Truth, of Orthodoxy, and of the Saving Love of Christ our Saviour.  If it was not for Fydor Dostoevsky I would not be Orthodox.

Dostoevsky was born on October 30, 1821 and he reposed in the Lord on January 28 1881.  He is buried at the cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Monastery.

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1846 Poor Folk
1846 The Double
1846 Mr. Prokharchin
1847 A Novel in Nine Letters
1847 The Landlady
1848 The Stranger-Woman
1848 A Faint Heart
1848 Polzunkov
1848 An Honest Thief
1848 A Jealous Husband
1848 A Christmas Tree and a Wedding
1848 White Nights
1849 Netochka Nezvanova
1849 A Little Hero
1859 Uncle’s Dream
1859 The Friend of the Family
1860-1862 The House of the Dead
1861 The Insulted and the Injured
1861 An Unpleasant Predicament
1861 A Silly Story
1862 A Nasty Tale
1863 Winter Notes on Summer Impressions
1864 Notes From Underground
1865 An Unusual Happening
1866 Crime and Punishment
1866 The Gambler
1868 The Idiot
1870 The Eternal Husband
1871-72 The Demons
1873 The Diary of a Writer  1-16
1875 A Raw Youth
1876 A Gentle Creature
1877 The Dream of a Ridiculous Man
1877 A Diary of a Writer
1879-80 The Brothers Karamazov
1880 The Speech on Pushkin



The Adolescent
The Adolescent
Crime and Punishment (Pevear/Volokhonsky translation)
Crime and Punishment 
(Pevear/Volokhonsky translation)
Brothers Karamazov
Brothers Karamazov
Demons: A Novel in Three Parts
Demons: A Novel in Three Parts
Notes from Underground (Pevear/Volokhonsky translation)
Notes from Underground (Pevear/Volokhonsky translation)

Dostoevsky by Nicholai Berdyaev
Dostoevsky's Concept of Spirtual Re-Birth by Met. Antony Khrapovitsky

The titles above are two excellent works on Dostoevsky.

Several of Dostoevsky's Works are on line and below there are links to them.

A Gentle Creature
Crocodile:   An Extraordinary Incident
Crime and Punishment
The Double
The Little Orphan
The Underground Man
The Peasent Marey
The Brothers Karamozov
The Insulted and Injured
Notes from the Underground



27 April 2003